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Here’s What Happened in Mobile Advertising This WeekDecember — often the month for new phones during the gift season — will be gone in a veritable flash, welcoming January. And the New Year is definitely “user acquisition month.”

There’s wise advice for app publishers from the well known experts at App Annie.

“While most publishers — particularly retailers — are focusing on December downloads and engagement, don’t count out the new year,” the firm notes in a blog post. “App engagement is at its peak in the month of January as new smartphone users explore the app stores and download new apps. If your user acquisition (UA) tactics are sound, January downloads can lead to engaged users.”

The company cites 2015, when December app download increases were dwarfed by January, which had the highest number of downloads worldwide compared to the three months preceding it.

“During the holidays, many smartphone users upgrade to a new model with more storage, freeing up space to try out new apps,” according to App Annie. “Even during the 2014 holiday season, January 2015 saw a 20 percent increase in downloads from October. Based on historical data, we expect to see a similar trend emerge in December 2017.”

What are some ways to maximize the performance of a January user acquisition (UA) campaign?

For starters, make sure potential customers can immediately connect with your app’s value.App Annie calls this “optimizing for understanding.”

“When users land on your app store page, they need to clearly understand your app’s unique value before deciding to install. This is where app store optimization (ASO) comes in. Ensure copy on your app page is digestible and straightforward, and leverage screenshots that highlight main features. New users might spend more time exploring an app store page, and any awkwardness or tough-to-understand elements could deter a download.”

Clear messaging and captivating creative are critical to promoting an app that stands out from the crowd.

Want to learn more about not only acquiring new users, but also retaining committed ones? App Annie will host a special webinar so marketers can “learn more about how top retail publishers rocked the holidays.” It’s set for 10 a.m. PT on Wednesday, January 11. Get all the details about “Unwrapped: Holiday App Insights to Drive Retail Strategy” here.

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