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Apteligent Launches ‘Smart Search’ Capabilities to Help App DevelopersApteligent is well known for its expertise in user experience analytics and mobile business insights. Now, adding further to its reputation, the company has launched Smart Search capabilities to empower mobile app development teams to automatically categorize app issues with a common root cause.

“This announcement represents the latest step in Apteligent’s mission to connect app data and customer insight to action for mobile teams,” the company tells MAW.

Apteligent is aiming to accomplish this objective by democratizing access to these insights based on machine learning technology for better, faster decision making.”

Smart Crash Search builds on Apteligent’s new Lumos data platform. It’s billed as the industry’s first solution to the endemic frustration caused by inflexible and inaccurate grouping.

“Sorting through volumes of similar yet different issues to determine which require action is a major challenge for mobile teams. The quantity of information is large and it is very hard to determine which problems are just different symptoms of the same underlying issue. Data, without insight and understanding, is noise,” said Greg Toto, the SVP of Product and Development at Apteligent. “Smart Crash Search cuts through the noise by automatically clustering issues with a common cause so they can be resolved as one. A confidence score helps developers further streamline their decision making.”

This actionable, data-driven way to understand the issues impacting user experience and business results on mobile offer promise.

“At Apteligent, we are applying data science and machine learning technologies to the unique global dataset provided by our unified app SDK, and delivering knowledge that drives business results directly to mobile product managers and developers,” said Toto. “This is just the first capability of many on our roadmap to democratize access to powerful and actionable insights for mobile teams.”

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