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AppsFlyer’s Report on Global In-App Spending Reveals iOS Users Spend 2.5 Times As Much As Android UsersAppsFlyer, a global mobile marketing attribution analytics firm, recently analyzed the in-app actions of more than 100 million mobile app users for about 1,000 different apps.

The results — contained in AppsFlyer’s ‘State of In-App Spending’ report — reveal that Asian users spend 40 percent more on in-app purchases than the rest of the world.

All told, it’s North Americans who spend the single highest amounts, however, and via shopping apps.

“In addition, the report shows that iOS users spend nearly 2.5 times as much as Android users — $1.08 to $0.43 in monthly IAP per user, per app,” notes AppsFlyer. “Not only do they spend more, but iOS users are about 50 percent more likely to spend any money in apps than Android users.”

Analysis suggests that only 5.2 percent of users spend money on in-app purchases, but that the average paying user spends $9.60 in monthly transactions per app with purchase activity. That’s more than 20 times the average spend of all users combined.

Regional breakdowns for several app sectors, like games, shopping, and utility apps, are also included in the new report.

Some breakout highlights:

  • The average user spends $0.50 per month on IAP per app with purchase activity (the average paying user spends $9.60 per month)
  • The average purchase amount is $12.77 on iOS, $6.19 on Android and $8.80 overall
  • 7.1 percent of iOS users make at least one payment per month; 4.6 percent of Android users do
  • While Asian users spend a monthly average of $0.70 per user per app; Latin Americans spend the least, at $0.16.

“As app developers lay out their development, marketing, and engagement strategies, it is critical for them to understand the differences in in-app spending behaviors across different platforms, geographic regions, and app categories,” said Ran Avrahamy, AppsFlyer’s VP of Marketing. “Our data shows that in-app spending continues to present a significant opportunity for app publishers and marketers. While only a small portion of app users actually spend money on in-app purchases, app developers and marketers can capitalize by ensuring they always offer an optimal in-app experience, and by constantly measuring and optimizing their activities in order to build a strong base of loyal, valuable users.”

Want to read the entire report? Download it here.

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