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“In today’s freemium-dominated app environment, the install is no longer the mobile marketers’ goal, but rather a means to an end. It’s a stage in the funnel – an important one nonetheless – but still only a stage.”

That’s the take from AppsFlyer, a market leader in mobile advertising attribution and analytics, in a new report shared with MAW.

“The State of App Engagement” takes into account the numerous options apps users have to choose from, in addition to increasingly high user expectations. With usage and engagement dwindling, it is only through engagement with high quality users that monetization is possible. The key lies in getting high quality users who will engage with an app over time.

The study offers detailed engagement benchmarks regarding retention rates, average sessions per daily active user, cross-funnel conversion rates, and lifetime engagement.

Some highlights of the report:

  • YoY retention rates are up, but retaining app users over time continues to be a major challenge for app marketers
  • Android users are more engaged, but iOS users are stronger buyers
  • Lifetime activity is significantly different across shopping and gaming apps
  • North American users are leading in purchase activity and surprisingly cities like Omaha and Salt Lake City are beating out major markets like NYC and LA

All told, there’s much to digest. To start, check out the full study available for download here.

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