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AppsFlyer Releases Ad Network Performance Index 2016AppsFlyer is out with its latest Ad Network Performance Index and the report contains some surprises, but nothing that will shock industry participants.

For instance, Facebook remains the undisputed leader in mobile advertising.

“A consistent placing in the global top 5 media sources for retention, coupled with its unrivaled scale, place the social giant #1 in the power rankings for every category and region among platforms included in the study,” notes the Index.

AppsFlyer analyzed data from more than 2.5 billion apps to determine which ad networks drove the most installs and the highest quality (by retention).

Other highlights from the report?

Among ad formats for app installs, in-app video advertising is very dominant in retention across the board, as video ad networks had a roughly 30-90 percent higher retention rate than other networks in the index.

“This is especially true for iOS, which commands the high end of this range,” according to AppsFlyer. “With video ads for app installs, users are exposed to more of the gameplay / app experience and have better knowledge of what they are getting into as compared to non-video formats.”

Social networks still dominate the top performers category. That’s especially true for Android, notes the report, where it’s in the top 3 in both gaming and non-gaming (travel, e-commerce, utilities, lifestyle, content, transportation, etc.) categories.

As for Twitter, it’s still one of the best sources of retention in Android, coming in #1 and #2 in gaming and non-gaming, respectively.

“However, when it comes to scale, Twitter suffers, leading to a #18 and #10 ranking in gaming and non-gaming, respectively. This is likely to change once the integration with MoPub is complete and running smoothly, which will effectively extend the social network’s reach well beyond Twitter properties.”

There’s much more to read in the report. To see it all, click here.

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