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AppOnboard Inc — a developer of interactive and high quality demos of mobile apps — confirmed to MAW this week that the company has raised $4M from an array of prominent sources and investors.

That’s the official word shared on Wednesday — a statement noting that AppOnboard’s proprietary, patent-pending technology is seeing a surge in interest and popularity in response to its proven ability to transforms any mobile app “into a fully immersive demo for end users to experience an app before choosing to download from the App Store.”

The app economy is larger than ever — mobile revenues grew 40 percent in 2016 with app developers grossing $37 billion, excluding any advertising revenue. Roughly half of that goes back in the ecosystem for User Acquisition (UA) – or paying for downloads. AppOnboard works with Zynga, Glu, Jam City, Scopely, Pocket Gems and a host of other top grossing app developers to drive higher quality users to the App Store. AppOnboard’s superior User Acquisition tools vastly outperform today’s banners, interstitials and even videos.

“AppOnboard’s Full-Fidelity Demos are remarkable recreations of our apps”, says Ankur Bulsara CTO of Scopely. “Engagement on these units are delivering tutorial completion rates at or above our actual game! We are excited to unlock the potential of these high-converting and quality-driving ad units.”

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