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Appmobi Aiming to Solve the Hybrid Cordova App Problem for the EnterpriseMobile and speed go together like — well, like Bert and Ernie, or like a movie and popcorn.

That’s why Appmobi has just announced the launch of the Appmobi Secure Mobile Platform, the first platform uniquely dedicated to providing enterprise-grade security to hybrid HTML5 and Cordova mobile apps with lightning fast deployment.

“The Appmobi Secure Mobile Platform easily integrates and works with a developer’s existing development tools, providing the mobile services required to build truly secure hybrid apps in an easy-to-install package – all hosted on an enterprise’s private cloud or on premise,” according to Appmobi.

Helping enterprise IT departments is the goal. They are being asked to cater to a new high speed reality, but according to research firm Gartner forecasts, by the end of 2017 the market demand for mobile app development resources will grow at least five times faster than internal IT organizations’ capacity to deliver.

“Enterprises en masse are turning to hybrid HTML5 and Cordova-based apps because they reduce app development time, utilize existing in-house development resources, have available SDKs, and allow apps to be truly cross-platform,” explained Marcel E. Smit, CEO of Appmobi. “They standardize on a single platform and eliminate the need to maintain separate apps and developers, but they also create an enormous challenge for enterprises as mobile app security is often overlooked or sacrificed for speed.”

“Appmobi solves this security challenge for the enterprise,” Smit added.

The Appmobi Secure Mobile Platform offers five core services, including the Appmobi Security Kit (for secure, IT compliant apps); Secure Push Messaging (part of the core line of defense to secure enterprise messages); Secure Live Update (which enables enterprises to update apps when they want and how they want via secure encrypted packets that are matched up with appropriate app keys); Secure Analytics (delivering realtime intelligence from a fully scalable, secure private stack); and Secure Data Store (a safe and secure way to store encrypted data on the mobile device as well as the Appmobi Secure Mobile Platform server).

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