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Internap Corporation, a provider of high-performance Internet infrastructure services, says that AppLovin is now using Internap’s bare-metal Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering, AgileSERVER.

To scale-out its performance-intensive mobile advertising platform globally, AppLovin migrated its real-time big data application from Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) public cloud to Internap’s higher-performing and more cost-effective bare-metal infrastructure two years ago.

“Over the last two years, AppLovin has leveraged AgileSERVER to scale-out its application globally, serving more than 50 billion ad requests daily in 2015,” according to a company announcement.

AppLovin utilizes data insights from customers’ interactions across mobile platforms to deliver effective ad targeting for brands to reach its consumers on mobile devices.

“With a direct correlation between speed of ad delivery and conversion rate, ads must be served within 100 milliseconds of the initial request to reach the target demographic,” notes the release.

Internap’s AgileSERVER allows AppLovin and others to achieve peak performance and scalability for mission-critical applications and big data workloads on OpenStack.

“Our business depends on serving 50 billion daily requests as quickly and efficiently as possible so we always want to implement infrastructure that’s innovative,” said John Krystynak, founder at AppLovin. “Internap has continued to advance AgileSERVER with new hardware such as NVMe storage, enhanced networking capabilities and flexible billing options. These collectively enable us to build out a high-performing infrastructure environment while also achieving significant cost savings.”

One reason for changes made by AppLovin is due to the dynamic growth in date. A surge in online video advertising, together with increased global demand for digital advertising solutions, grew AppLovin’s workloads from 10 terabytes of data and 7 billion ad requests daily in 2014 to more than 60 terabytes and 50 billion ad requests daily in 2015.

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