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AppLovin is Lovin' the Potential for Mobile RecommendationsAppLovin has shared with NativeMobile details of its new Adaptive Personalization Platform (APP), which is designed to help brands serve personalized recommendations on mobile devices.

According to details shared during a briefing Wednesday, APP “combines known shopping behavior with consumer preferences” to accurately deliver  effective ad targeting and retargeting.

Through APP, the company tells us, brands can now use data insights from their customers’ interactions across all screens – smartphone, tablet and computer – to provide personalized recommendations, offers or promotions on mobile.

“By using APP to close the gap between the amount of time consumers spend on mobile and marketers’ ability to effectively reach and transact, trial customers have seen significant improvements to mobile conversion rates: on average, customers had conversion rates of only 2-3%, but once they deployed APP conversion rates increase to as high as 10%” AppLovin says.

Of the $110 billion spent on digital advertising in 2013, only $17.9 billion was allocated to mobile – in large part because measuring return has been nearly impossible. AppLovin strives to “turn every dollar an advertiser spends into incremental revenues” by increasing mobile transaction volumes and dollars spent.

“There are more than 1.4 billion smartphones globally and people consume more than half their information on them – yet only 14% of commerce happens on mobile. A major reason is that the tried and true levers that have driven ecommerce haven’t worked on the phone and tablets,” explains Adam Foroughi, CEO of AppLovin. “By delivering personalized recommendations on mobile to a billion consumers each month, we’ve cracked the code; beta response has been incredible among tops brands across retail, travel and hospitality. We’re excited to officially turn the platform on to give this same opportunity to any advertiser looking to dramatically boost their mobile revenues.”

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