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AppLovin Confirms Winners of Apple TV App ChallengeOn Monday, the folks at AppLovin confirmed to MAW the winners of the Apple TV App Challenge.

The Challenge, if you’re not in the loop, is a protracted (we’re talking months-long) Apple TV development contest culminating in a 24-hour tvOS hackathon.

The goal? To challenge tvOS developers to build the future of television.

Dungeon Tiles, the game that matches 2048 mechanics with RPG sensibilities, won the $25,000 grand prize, followed by Symmetrica and Avian: Twitter Map, which were awarded second and third place respectively. Dungeon Tiles is an immersive game created by Japanese independent developer Takashi Iyoda. Mr. Iyoda traveled from Japan to present his app.

“I think everybody can have games they can use easily,” Iyoda said in a provided statement, adding that he enjoyed the challenge of creating a game on the relative big screen, where he could add more features because of more screen space.

Port winner Dustin Adair said that for him, the process of transforming an iOS game into a tvOS game was a thrill in itself. “But the conversion was painless,” he said. “I’m glad I did it.”

The firm tells MAW that the actual Hackathon portion of the Challenge was “dominated” by utility and social apps.

The two winners of the Hackathon were Runtastica and Tune Pop. Runtastica is an app that offers an immersive (stationary) running or jogging experience, detecting how fast the user is running in place and notifying friends of milestones reached. Tune Pop is a social music player that features local commenting and user-collaborated playlists.

“We were absolutely blown away by the level of apps we saw,” said John Krystynak, chief technology officer at AppLovin. “If apps truly are the future of TV, these developers will make sure that the future is very bright indeed.”

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