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Apple U.S. Smartphone Share Still Lags Android, But Share Improves in 2016About 90.1 million people in the U.S. will own an iPhone and use the device at least monthly this year. That’s 43.5 percent of all smartphone users in the country—a share which, according to eMarketer, “ticked slightly up this year.”

Nonetheless, Apple still lags Android’s 52.0 percent of smartphone users.

Eight million more people will own iPhones this year than last year, eMarketer estimates, for growth of more than 9 percent.

“iPhones are also gaining share in the UK market—where they are also behind Android, but performing better than other options like Windows Phones,” notes the research report published Monday. “Whether the iPhone 7 will help juice Apple’s handset sales remains to be seen; most smartphone owners wait years to get new handsets rather than upgrading anytime a new model becomes available. And lower-priced offerings like the iPhone SE may be a more realistic way to tap into demand in markets like China and India—where Apple is reported about to open stores.”

For more insight into the iPhone market outlook, check out the eMarketer report summary here.

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