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Apple Boss Takes Top Honors as CEO of the YearOn Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook took top honors among the globe’s chief executives in a comprehensive recognition served up by CNN.

Cook, who ascended to the role of chief executive officer at Apple in August 2011, has weathered more than his fair share of storms since taking the helm at Apple.

“The stock is up 40% this year and near an all-time high thanks to the launch of the latest iPhones and Apple Pay service as well as excitement about the Apple Watch due out in 2015,” the cable and online news giant said of Cook, who was officially named “The Best CEO of 2014.”

“Cook has arguably the toughest CEO job in America,” CNN openly acknowledged in recapping Cook’s achievements while celebrating the fact that he has finally emerged successfully from the large shadow cast by Steve Jobs’ legacy. “He’s had to convince skeptics that Apple can still innovate after the death of Steve Jobs. He’s proven all the naysayers wrong.”

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