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What’s App’ning Report Mobile Apps Get a Boost from TV AdvertisingAppaloosa and Appdome are now working as partners to assist enterprise mobility professionals increase the security and smooth management of their apps.

Appaloosa is well known for its Mobile Application Management and Native App Store, which helps enterprises deploy mobile apps to employees and partners on their devices. Appdome is the mobile industry’s first cloud service that automates mobile app integration by fusing services such as security and mobility management to mobile apps through their AppFusion Platform.

Part of the plan? To boost the security of mobile apps in the face of the usual circumstances, including code changes, multiple app versions, and widespread use of non corporate-owned devices.

“With this partnership between Appdome and Appaloosa, mobility professionals can secure and deploy their private apps in only a few minutes,” reads a company release provided to MAW. “With AppFusion, access to source code is not required. Once the fuse is made, the private app can be deployed and managed via the Appaloosa Store: user access is verified and stolen or lost devices can be blacklisted for example. Mobile teams are more independent and agile when dealing with their app deployment.”

Another bonus? Appdome’s award winning mobile security suite is made available at no charge through the AppFusion Platform, allowing mobile developers and app providers to deliver secure apps across several mobile app protection categories from day one.

“Because Appaloosa does not require a MDM (mobile device management) solution, it can be deployed as a standalone MAM (mobile application management) solution, or it can co-exist with an existing MDM,” notes Julien Ott, the CEO of Appaloosa. This makes it an ideal solution for BYOD (bring your own device) environments where managing devices is challenging, costly, or simply not feasible. In partnering with Appdome, we are making it easier for customers to take advantage of this offering, allowing them to easily integrate, secure and manage their apps via the Appaloosa app store in just minutes instead of weeks or months.”

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