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If you want to know how many apps smartphone users regularly use or how much time they spend on their phones, AppAnnie’s latest report — “Spotlight on Consumer App Usage” — is a must-read.

While the mobile app market is constantly changing, it’s still a growth sector. In 2016, for instance, users downloaded more than 90 billion apps via the iOS App Store and Google Play — and devoted nearly 900 billion hours to those apps.

“The increase in total time spent is largely a result of an exploding global user base,” notes AppAnnie. “However, user-level metrics, such as the number of apps used and the average time per user, are vital in understanding what lies behind the cumulative hours.”

The report offers nuggets of news. Do you know the countries with the highest usage? No, it’s not the U.S. (which is third). The U.S. is out-apped by both Japan and China.

The report answers other questions, including top categories by usage, the countries where the most time is spent on games, and more.

To read the report, go here.

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