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App Developers Banking on IoT for New Revenue StreamsThe Internet of Things (IoT), at its most basic, promises a world where everyone, and everything, is connected (Hello, Terminator Genisys.). While that reality is not exactly here yet, it’s coming, and app developers aren’t waiting around to start taking advantage of the coming connection revolution.

In fact, a recent study by Progress shows that IoT app development is in full swing in several different countries, including the US, Germany, Sweden, India and the Netherlands and even France, among others.

The new survey goes into great detail about what types of apps are being developed, and for what industries and markets. Smart homes, wearables, automotive and sports/fitness appear to be the front-runners right now, but healthcare and smart city look to be the industries to bank on (literally) in the near future.

As for the operating system that they’ll be using to develop these IoT apps, the top choice at the moment is, not surprisingly, Android. That’s followed by Windows, Linux and, at the back of the pack, iOS.

Of course all of this coming connectivity doesn’t come without risks, including the risk to personal privacy, malicious cyber-attacks and so forth, a subject that developers are fully aware of and tackling as we speak.

In fact, many respondents said that they don’t even have the technology yet to gather and analyze the data that all of these connected things might send.

Even though the very thought of IoT is relatively new, let alone the technology, nearly 80% of the survey respondents said that they’re excited about the things to come. Considering the amount of money on the table, that’s not exactly surprising.

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