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App Annie Let’s Boost Better App User Acquisition Results with Marketing IntelligenceToday, mobile advertising isn’t just one option. It is — according to AppAnnie, “a business imperative.”

“Savvy businesses — both mobile-first and mainstream — are investing more resources toward acquiring and engaging mobile users,” notes the company in an Insights post. “As additional budget gets allocated to mobile, advertisers and marketers are noticing a lack of transparency both in paid and organic channels, making it difficult to meaningfully improve app discovery, user acquisition, and ad monetization efforts.”

What to do?

For starters, the company is launching what it calls “App Annie Marketing Intelligence.”

This Marketing Intelligence will work to support several key benefits:

  • App store optimization (ASO): Increase app discoverability by identifying optimal keywords to incorporate into your ASO strategy based on insight into keyword search volume, rank difficulty and more.
  • A robust creative gallery: Identify user acquisition trends and best practices by tracking mobile ad creatives across competitors, categories and countries. Get inspiration for your next campaign.
  • Competitive insights: Dive into the details of a competitor’s app advertising strategy, including when and where campaigns are running, the partners they work with, and actual creatives to inform campaign strategy and drive results.

In tandem with the release of Marketing Intelligence, the company has compiled a complimentary report that covers best practices in mobile ad creatives and placements.

“We delve into how top apps have creatively used different advertising tactics and recommend some best practices in crafting compelling ad creatives,” said an App Annie spokesperson.

The full report is available here.

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