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aol-exec-shares-key-takeaways-from-dmexcoLast week, Mark Connon, Global Chief Mobile Officer at AOL Platforms, attended DMEXCO, the foremost European conference for adtech titans.

This week, Connon was kind enough to share a few thoughts in response to his observations at the recent convention.

So what exactly stood out to the AOL executive? His key takeaways are shared below.

For Mobile Video, Content is King

“Digital video has been central to mobile’s growth. 70% of all mobile data traffic will be from video by 2021. Mobile is the consumer’s preferred screen and mobile video is their preferred media. With mobile video dominant, there’s an even greater emphasis on the content and creative side – with brands and advertisers more focused on understanding which experiences will really drive consumption and engagement among consumers.

At DMEXCO, whether we’re discussing mobile video with customers or partners, the focus is on mobile video content. Marketers want to know which bleeding-edge formats, like 360-degree video or VR, will resonate the most with mobile audiences. We’re also seeing a lot of interest in understanding how to marry these mobile video experiences with data so that the creative is amplified and more effective through personalization.”

Advertisers & Publishers vs. App-First Consumption

“It’s not enough to say that consumers are mobile-first today. To put a finer point on it, they’re app-first. Mobile apps are the driver for content consumption. The app economy will exceed 100 billion per year over the next three years. And consumers use between three to five apps for up to 80% of the time they spend on the phone. They watch video through apps, talk to friends through apps, and they interact with brands through apps.

But marketers and publishers alike attending DMEXCO are concerned about an app-first consumption paradigm. For advertisers, app-driven engagement raises questions around discoverability and adoption among consumers. How do you get audiences to download your app and use it the way it’s intended? For publishers, monetization is a challenge. You need direct access to hundreds of demand sources and tools to help maximize your yield and make more money. How can we solve for these issues? At DMEXCO, I’m hearing similar questions, on both the buy and sell side, quite a bit.”

Location Intelligence is Becoming a Greater Focus

“Everyone at DMEXCO is focused on data – especially in the context of mobile. The consumer’s interaction with mobile – across content and devices – is unlike any prior medium. For marketers, understanding the customer journey via mobile means more access to unique mobile data from carriers, advertisers, search, social, and more. If they have more information, they can deliver more relevant, direct ad experiences.

Location data is especially under the spotlight at this year’s event. While many are connecting the bigger focus on geo-location intelligence to fads like Pokémon Go, this kind of (permission-based) data has always been central to effective ad experiences. It’s one thing to know what someone is doing, but knowing where they do it offers a clearer view of the target audience for the advertiser. And tying digital exposure to real world experience using location, and creating insights, measurement and outcomes to better inform advertiser investment, is uniquely enabled by the mobile environment.” 

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