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Google Goes Looking for Fertile App Development Territory -- and Finds IndiaIt isn’t the first warning we’ve received that on June 1, 2017, Google will cease development of Flash in the IMA SDKs.

“This will end support for the IMA SDK for Flash, as well as support for Flash VPAID ads in the HTML5 SDK,” reminds Google in a recent blog. “We strongly encourage all publishers still using the Flash SDK to migrate to the HTML5 SDK. We also strongly encourage advertisers still trafficking Flash VPAID ads to migrate those ads to JavaScript VPAID.”

Does this mean you have to abandon the Flash SDK? Well, no — but here’s the rub: after June 1, Google will no longer fix bugs or answer support questions. Those are two good reasons to get moving and make some changes.

“If ad serving or playback stops working after this date for the Flash SDK, it will not be fixed,” exhorts Google.

June may seem like “a long ways away,” as they say. What we say is: “it’s right around the corner.”

People are discussing this, of course. A good place to get more information is at Google’s support forum here.

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