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Strategy Analytics Analysis Android's Developer Tools Trail Behind Apple and MicrosoftWhen Strategy Analytics’ new research program — App Development & APIs — took a hard look at the mobile app developer environments at Apple, Google, and Microsoft, it unearthed some interesting findings.

For instance, while Xcode and Visual Studio got top marks (with scores of 22 and 21, respectively), Android Studio scored a mere 13.

“Apple’s Xcode beats Android on all measures on which it was evaluated,” according to the report summary shared with MAW. “Microsoft also offers a strong showing, perhaps providing it with an opportunity to better court developers to the Windows platform.”

Developer tools are a critical component of platform support. Apple’s end to end system for app development to distribution, according to the researchers, is the reason the platform boasts some of the most advanced applications.

“The developer environments that Apple, Google, and Microsoft provide can have an enormous impact on the quality of apps produced by developers,” noted David MacQueen, Executive Director of Apps Research. “We assessed the tools provided on a number of criteria, including the languages supported, the quality of the editor, and the testing tools available to developers.”

The company was not shocked at the results of its investigation.

“Apple’s strong showing is no surprise, as they are the market leader in the apps space,” said MacQueen. “(However), Android Studio, the least mature product, is lacking in all 6 key areas. Google seem to acknowledge this with planned updates to include a graphical user interface following the acquisition of Pixate, and better testing tools also planned for the near future.”

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