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Android or iOS? Mobile App Marketing Firm Offers Helpful is out with a new infographic that compares the development processes of iOS and Android and offers some handy insights to help developers make wise choices.

The company is a leading app marketing agency based in Austin, Texas.

The infographic compares the positives and negatives of both iOS and Android development including development costs, user market, and ROI, according to the firm.

For instance, iOS is hugely popular in the U.S., especially in metropolitan markets. However, if a developer wants to promote apps to consumers in Asia, Africa, or South America, Android — which has bulk of customers in those places — makes better sense.

“Thirty seven percent of mobile app owners are developing their app on both iOS and Android, and that number is continuing to grow,” said Carson Barker, the founder and CEO of “However, it is crucial to understand the pros and cons if each, and the differences between iOS and Android from a developer’s perspective.”

The infographic — “iOS or Android: Which One for App Development?” — lists more than 15 pros and cons of development via iOS and Android.

“Before development starts, it’s important to research different developers to match what your specific goals are with your app,” said Barker. “We wanted to give app owners a head start on that research, as well as offer solutions to gain more downloads and app activity through our services,” said Barker.’s infographic can be viewed here.

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