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Amobee and SonoTrend Team Up to Merge TV Viewing Habits and Digital AdvertisingDigital marketing company Amobee has just announced a partnership with SonoTrend to integrate its leading TV data technology platform with Amobee Exchange.

The duo’s plan is to help mobile publishers and their advertisers reach consumers with relevant mobile ads based on real-time and historical TV consumption data.

Consequently, they are now in a position to use TV data to offer publishers the highest ROI for their mobile inventory.

The partnership has created a data pool that gives advertisers a better understanding of their target audience’s TV behaviors. As a result, their mobile strategies can be much improved.

“SonoTrend technology will be incorporated into the core of the Amobee Exchange SDK and ad delivery platform, which provides global distribution and includes built-in support for geo-location, rich media, video, 3D and interactive mobile ads,” the company announced this week.

We’re told that any publisher can incorporate the solution. Thus, when opted-in by consumers, program viewing and user data is immediately captured.

“This data along with other third party data is analyzed in real time, without any disruption to the user experience to determine the best ad to serve,” the joint announcement explains.

Bottom line? The consumer is engaged by a highly relevant ad.

“The average person still watches several hours of live television per day and the data from their viewing habits is invaluable,” said Shay Roberts, the CEO of SonoTrend. “SonoTrend’s integration with Amobee Exchange provides an exciting opportunity for global distribution of a solution that allows publishers and advertisers to leverage this powerful TV data to drive results.”

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