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Alpha Software Survey Results Show Developers Need Rapid Turnaround Platforms with Security, Flexibility“Enterprises can’t get enough of mobile apps — that makes it tough for developers to keep up with the demand to create feature-rich mobile applications in a timely way.”

That’s according to Amy Groden-Morrison of Alpha Software.

It’s true. Businesses are busting at the seams with needs and ideas for new apps for smartphone users. And more and more, they’re checking out low-code, rapid mobile application development (RMAD) platforms to get the job done more expeditiously.

But “not all RMAD platforms are created equal,” warns Groden-Morrison. How to pick a good one?

Alpha Software commissioned Bock & Company to survey 1,950 developers about the most important things in mobile app development. The resulting report —“Enterprise Developers Rank Critical Requirements for Success in the Coming Mobile App Explosion” — is a valuable read.

“Of primary importance by a wide margin is that the platform must “ensure security,” which was cited by 90 percent of all developers surveyed,” notes Groden-Morrison. “Second in importance are three features related to core application development capabilities. Seventy-nine percent cited “accelerate application development,” while 78 percent pointed to “operate offline,” and “connect to backend database(s)” as being very important.”

A third essential? Any useful tool should be able to create apps that can “run on multiple platforms” (71 percent).

There’s more in the survey of interest. To check it out, click here.

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