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AerServ's Rewarded Video Ensures Developers Make Money Every Time Ads RollAerServ, a mobile-first video mediation platform, may have devised a way to give game developers a big revenue boost: its launch of rewarded video for mobile.

Citing data from Swrve, the company says that a staggeringly high percentage of mobile game players (98.65 percent) simply won’t make an in-app purchase.

And that’s a big fat ouch for developers looking to monetize their creations.

“Nevertheless, in-app purchases were the prevailing revenue stream offered to developers,” the firm notes, adding that their newest solution “helps game developers drive revenue each time an advertisement plays — a passive revenue stream that derives from videos users actually watch.”

Video formats that come with rewards have become popular as developers work to monetize users in an over-saturated app market. Providing incentives for users appears to help, as consumers prefer an uninterrupted experience. Data shows that leads to better engagement among those who choose to view the ads.

“Additionally, users are motivated to continue their in-app experience, using the currency they’ve earned,” the announcement shared with reporters reads. “While most rewarded video providers are ad networks, AerServ’s mediation platform allows developers to implement rewarded video across as many ad networks as they’d like, implementing both performance and brand advertising.”

Josh Speyer, the CEO at AerServ, believes this development ensures that “everyone wins.”

“We’re excited to offer rewarded video to our customers; it is one more layer to add to our holistic monetization solution and a valuable tool for developers,” Speyer explained. “With rewarded video, everyone wins: the user is rewarded with in-app currency, the advertisers receive the user’s undivided attention while the ad plays (resulting in high performance), and the publisher earns more revenue.”

To learn more about what AerServ is up to, click here.

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