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First Look: Native Ad Platform ADYOULIKE Launches First U.S. AI-Driven Header Bidding SolutionA new offering involving ADYOULIKE’s native technology will make it possible for advertisers and Trading Desks to have direct access to programmatic premium native inventory from Condé Nast.

A new ‘Private Native Marketplace,’ which grew out of a three year partnership between the firms, demonstrates how publishers and adtech companies are working together to provide new ways forward for native advertising.

“The launch of this new Private native Marketplace will enable Trading Desks to plan and optimize directly in real time their native campaigns, with the opportunity to also implement their data,” according to an emailed statement. “Condé Nast will rely on the SSP (Supply Side Platform) developed by ADYOULIKE’s ‘Native Lab’, to promote their native programmatic ad campaigns.”

The partnership combines Condé Nast’s digital expertise in native advertising and programmatic with ADYOULIKE’s programmatic expertise to improve native advertising in the French marketplace.

“Condé Nast is leader in programmatic and also amongst the pioneers of native advertising,” said Tony Nguyen, the Head of Programmatic at Condé Nast. “This form of advertising is extremely relevant and innovative for our industry sectors, especially in fashion/beauty and luxury. It enables to amplify the ways brands can communicate by giving them a dedicated platform where consumers are receptive to their adverts.”

Yohan Elmaalem, the Chief Operating Officer and co-founder  of ADYOULIKE agrees.

“Built from strong partnership of more than three years, we are delighted to have had the opportunity to launch this new Private Native Marketplace with Condé Nast,” Elmaalem added. “It is rewarding to see that our expertise and technology will be contributing to developing their sales channel on native advertising.”

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