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Adtile Creates ‘Motion Store’ Tech for Mobile Ad DevelopersAdtile makes it sound like they’re ready to help mobile device users break away from the banality of banners and other ad formats that don’t account for their fluid motions and dynamic interests.

“No longer is the consumer a trapped, passive observer. Instead, by twisting, tilting, shaking or otherwise playing with the ad — which is more like a tiny app — the consumer becomes part of the creative and device agnostic experience.”

Sound interesting?

Nils Forsblom, the CEO of Adtile thinks so, too. That’s why his company has just launched a new way for “virtually anyone to build sophisticated Motion Ads designed specifically for a world on the move.”

“Modeled after Apple’s App Store, where you go to buy apps, the Motion Store is where you go to choose from hundreds of pre-coded Motion Ad experiences (we are adding more all the time),” explains Forsblom. “We’ve designed these templates to include the perfect pairings of design and motion. In all cases, the result is a seamless, natural, and engaging end-user experience.”

Complex rich media mobile ads from scratch can take weeks of time and tons of money. The beauty of Adtile’s idea, or so we’re told, is that it allows people to create ads in just minutes.

“Creating an ad in the Motion Store is a straightforward process. Select the user experience template you want,” notes Forsblom. “Now add your own creative and storytelling. Some customization is possible. You can edit images, text, fonts, transitions, spacing, links and even add video and sound files. When you’re done, you can test out the ad on your phone or tablet.”

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Motion Store

automatically generates a responsive HTML5 build for iOS and Android that works on any mobile browser or screen size. Analytics are included: via the account dashboard, creators can view the details of their campaigns along with a variety of real-time performance metrics, such as unique views, actions, engagement time, engagement rates, and much more.

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