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The following is a guest contributed post by ADSvideo CMO Anton Krivnev.

Did you ever think about the quantity of content being watched on YouTube every day? Its volume is tremendous. Youtube users watch nearly 46000 years of content annually, and there are more than one billion of them already. A lot of channel owners reach millions of people with their videos, so no wonder that brands of all industries and sizes are trying hard to integrate their products and services into the content of YouTube influence leaders. It started mostly with beauty and fashion vloggers, as the most obvious niches, but it didn’t take long before other companies realized the potential of this platform and the endless possibilities for creative advertising.

In case you recently decided to promote you brand on YouTube, there are a few steps that will make this process easier.

  1. Know your audience

Study the preferences of your audience, research their likes and dislikes. What kind of videos do they enjoy? Which vloggers “speak their language”? What are the most attractive topics for them? This information will help you to figure out where exactly your target audience is concentrated.

  1. Pick and contact the channel

Once you figured out which channels your audience watches, it’s time to pick one (or several depending on your marketing strategy) and contact them. It might sound easy, but vloggers receive hundreds of inquiries every day, and sometimes it takes time and patience to reach the YouTube influencer. There are a few services that help to start the communication with vloggers. They automate the process of cooperation. For instance, ADSvideo doesn’t just provide contacts of the channels but also helps to find them by using multiple filters and algorithms. So you can optimize the search for your target audience and easily skip the first two steps of this article.

  1. Choose the integration strategy

This stage will usually include the help from your vlogger. Together you will figure out the best way to introduce your brand to the audience. There are multiple options starting from a simple product placement so it would be visible for the camera, and ending with a full review of your product or service. It can be a preview of your new product that is about to be launched, or plainly the process of product’s unpacking (yes, those videos are crazy popular). It is always an excellent idea to provide the influencer with free stuff which can be used in a giveaway. In case your product is too expensive or difficult to ship – provide the channel with exclusive discounts and bonuses created specifically for its audience.

It’s true that on YouTube you can find channels which hold the audiences for every business there is. But if you fill like the vloggers are not competent enough for your topic or won’t be able to put your product in the best light, try creating your own channel. It’s not easy, and you’ll still need some promotion from influence leaders, but in the long run – it will pay off. This option works great for the companies with complex, technical products. Also, this method is used by the brands whose goods are not very “exciting.”

YouTube stores thousands of possibilities to increase the popularity of your business and the size of your audience. Be creative, choose the right influence leaders, and you’ll see the positive results in no time.

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