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Location data — the key driver for effective mobile marketing — is a big priority for mobile data exchange adsquare.

Now the company has boosted its data portfolio through partnerships with AreaMetrics, BeaconsInSpace, FreckleIoT, Mobiquity Networks, Proxama, Reveal Mobile, and Unacast. The move is designed to broaden proximity data, including beacon and background location data, to obtain granular detail regarding “where users spend their time, and what their needs and interests are.”

Location data allows advertisers to target consumers within a particular geographic area, using techniques such as geofencing. A recent study from the MMA pinpoints that “accurate location data is critical to the entire mobile ecosystem: brands, agencies, publishers, the end user and everyone in between” and estimates that location-targeted mobile ad revenues will grow to $18.2 billion in 2019.

Because advertisers need to tap proximity data derived from first-party proximity data providers to achieve best results, adsquare’s plan will help with higher precision at scale.

“In the era of personalized, one-to-one advertising, combining location and proximity data is key,” said Tom Laband, the co-founder and CEO of adsquare. “It enables advertisers not only to target customers based on geographical locations, but to also target specific buildings, shopping units, and aisles. As a neutral marketplace, adsquare adds all relevant providers to our platform and gives advertisers control and transparency over those invaluable location and proximity insights.”

The robust portfolio of proximity data partners assembled by adsquare will also give advertisers transparency in understanding and targeting consumers as accurately as within a few meters of their position.

Partners like Dean Julia, CEO of Mobiquity Networks, applaud adsquare’s plan.

“The combination of our extremely precise location data, including our exclusive in-door places network, and adsquare’s location buying platform brings a unique opportunity to marketers to utilize location data at scale to reach their desired customers,” said Julia. “We are excited to be a part of what adsquare is creating.”

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