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Media Announcement: Leaders in video and rich-media advertising technology, with many of the world’s largest media companies using its software, AdSpruce has released an upgraded version of its pioneering mobile video platform that helps improve the quality of user engagement and ad user experience through rich-media mobile web video advertising.

AdSpruce CEO, Ian Mullins, said, “The problem with many ads is that they are not designed or optimised for the device, content, user or amount of space allocated in a given ad placement. AdSpruce has solved these industry problems by placing the user at the top and quality of engagement as the core metric from which it has designed and built the technology features at every stage of the ad delivery and campaign optimisation process. With our impressive lineup of technology, AdSpruce has positioned itself as true innovators in dynamic digital advertising.”

AdSpruce’s proprietary advertising platform enables real-time capture and process of 1st party data and ad serving using its own proprietary ad server that communicates with its own custom ad code on their publisher network. This ad code delivery of custom ads enables a deeper, richer ad experience, combined with better targeting, dynamic creative and dynamic ad spot optimisation to improve the user experience and the quality of engagement.

The AdSpruce Ads. Dev. Kit.® (ADK) is the world’s most powerful Mobile Web Software Development Kit (SDK), enabling publishers to maximise the value of each and every impression, using a suite of proprietary technology and services in its publisher dashboard including media players, ad spot control, multi-site management, yield optimisation, tag management, programmatic connections, analytics and data tools to optimize the quality of engagement and enable the publisher to determine user experience.

Among AdSpruce’s key publisher suite is a programmatic platform, with open market connections to over 120 ad buyers across the globe, 3rd party demand partners and real-time bidding connections. This custom engineered tech stack allows AdSpruce’s demand side technological suite to funnel demand for ads from both direct sold and programmatic sources through a proprietary media player engine to dynamically optimise user actions and ad spaces and deliver rich-media, video and display ads utilising AdSpruce’s impressive array of ad formats. With almost two years track record in server-side header bidding and optimising yield for publishers, AdSpruce is dynamically adapting ad formats, creatives and delivery to improve quality of engagement. is AdSpruce’s lightning fast video and rich-media ad server, offering a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that delivers video to more devices than anyone else thanks to support for legacy features phones and proxy browsers as well as support for the latest smartphones and tablets globally. Adspruce has enhanced its tracking, server-side header ad code, client-side technology support and added machine learning algorithms to increase yield and dynamically optimize performance. AdSpruce’s Dynamic-Play technology means that ads and animations have fast load times offering a seamless, buffer-free ad experience and engagement option for brands.

The recently upgraded HTML5 Ad Studio V2.0 has allowed AdSpruce to truly unlock the potential of mobile web creatives, allowing brands to run and optimize dynamic ads like no other, focusing on interaction, engagement and motion to grab users attention in a fresh, exciting and truly unique way.

AdSpruce’s Ad Format Suite includes innovative ad spots such as the GEE-Spot (Generates Extra Engagement Spot), outstream video, video-in-page, video-in-banner, native ads, full-page takeover, Dynamic Pre-roll, Video 360, mobile initiator, rich-media sliders and monetise any link, with all spots including and focused on user experience, quality of engagement and driving brand love. AdSpruce’s multi-click, rich-media end card called iEndCard enables advertisers to get more engaged and qualified customers.

At the heart of the AdSpruce technological line-up is Connect V3.2, an advanced Ad Operations and data management dashboard that works as the hub for ad operations, tracking, reporting, finance, analytics, verification and security, campaign testing and all backend functions of the AdSpruce platform. Connect controls everything from programmatic campaigns to direct sold campaigns.

AdSpruce V3.0 leads the programmatic industry with custom creative ads, custom ad code and custom ad experiences that deliver better quality of engagement for brands, better experiences for users and ultimately higher yield for publishers.

About AdSpruce

AdSpruce provides software and services for publishers to maximize the value of their mobile inventory by getting advertisers’ videos watched, tracked and programmatically executed. Positioned at the intersection of programmatic advertising, mobile video and HTML5 dynamic creative, AdSpruce uses its in-house developed ad serving technology, audience data and user-friendly video formats to increase viewer ad engagement, brand performance and publisher revenues. The world’s leading brands already trust AdSpruce to target, track, measure and deliver performance at speed and scale across the mobile web.

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