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AdSpruce Brings Banner Ads Back with Rich Media for MobileAdSpruce and GroupM Pakistan are now partners in a new alliance to provide video and rich-media advertising in Pakistan.

The partnership, initiated in late October 2016, has so far produced four campaigns for global brands including Unilever, Colgate, and Shell. The campaigns leverage AdSpruce’s “Full-Page Takeover” with video, in addition to necessary low-bit-rate video formats for the country’s legion of legacy devices.

“GroupM Pakistan is excited to work with AdSpruce because of the unique platform AdSpruce offers, which can deliver rich-media and video ads to any device including feature phones, smartphones and tablets,” reads a joint statement emailed to MAW. “The interactive rich media ad units are delivered using AdSpruce’s ad server and created using its HTML5 Ad Studio, which optimizes the user experience to deliver better brand engagement.”

The solution fits the country, as it is essential that marketers be able to deliver ads to any device, accommodating users with high-end smartphones to users with low-end feature phone devices. Mobile is the main source of communication and media consumption in Pakistan.

“We’re excited to be working in a market like Pakistan with GroupM,” explains AdSpruce CEO Ian Mullins. “The most important success factors in digital right now are the quality of engagement and viewability; our ad server can deliver to more than twice as many phones as our nearest competitor and we’re delighted to have the opportunity to showcase our HTML5 Ad Studio solutions.”

GroupM, the company boasts, is currently the largest media investment group in the world.

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