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AdSpruce, a leader in video and rich-media advertising technology, has released an upgraded version of its pioneering mobile video platform.

Many of the world’s largest media companies already use its software, which helps improve the quality of user engagement and ad user experience through rich-media mobile web video advertising.

AdSpruce V3.0 leads the programmatic industry with custom creative ads, custom ad code, and custom ad experiences that deliver better quality of engagement for brands, better experiences for users and ultimately higher yield for publishers.

The new version builds on the HTML5 Ad Studio V2.0, which “has allowed AdSpruce to truly unlock the potential of mobile web creatives, allowing brands to run and optimize dynamic ads like no other, focusing on interaction, engagement, and motion to grab users attention in a fresh, exciting and truly unique way,” the company tells us.

“The problem with many ads is that they are not designed or optimized for the device, content, user, or amount of space allocated in a given ad placement,” said AdSpruce CEO Ian Mullins. “AdSpruce has solved these industry problems by placing the user at the top and quality of engagement as the core metric from which it has designed and built the technology features at every stage of the ad delivery and campaign optimization process.”

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