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Adscend Media Can Its Android and iOS SDKs Help App Developers Develop New Revenue StreamsA new offering from Adscend Media could help app developers monetize more non-paying users and increase retention rates.

Adscend Media is now promoting Software Development Kits (SDKs) for integrating AdWall offer wall technology into Android and iOS apps.

AdWall provides developers with a complimentary alternative to charging users for premium in-app features (e.g. in-app currency, character upgrades), which aids developers in garnering revenue from non-paying users.

“Users seeking a specific reward from an AdWall-integrated app must first interact with an offer from one of Adscend Media’s advertising partners, such as through watching a video, taking a short survey, or installing an app,” explained the company this week. “Once the action is completed, the user receives their desired reward, the app developer earns a commission, and the advertising partner receives a highly-engaged user.”

It’s a needed option, says Adscend Media CEO Fehzan Ali, who believes AdWall helps developers find a new revenue stream in the face of declining paid app sales.

“With millions of apps to choose from, users don’t have to spend money on, or in, an app anymore. Solutions like AdWall enable developers to adapt to the current app economy, while still generating revenue,” said Ali.

Both the AdWall Android SDK and the AdWall iOS 8 SDK are built to allow users to rapidly navigate through an app’s AdWall. It allows users to scroll, search, and complete offers without suffering any performance issues. Both SDKs can be integrated in minutes, with the AdWall Android SDK featuring an Android Studio Gradle-based build system, allowing developers to easily install or update the SDK through just a few lines of code.

According to Ali, AdWall helps users “engage with highly-relevant products and services, in whichever format is most convenient for them. Therefore, users often return daily to our publishers’ apps to see what’s new and earn more rewards.”

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