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ready-to-fight-fetch-and-forensiq-put-up-fists-for-mobile-ad-fraudMobile app tracking firm Adjust announced ahead of the long holiday weekend that a group of twelve heavyweight networks and app marketing platforms will come together to battle mobile ad fraud.

According to the shared details, the partnership includes well known firms Aarki, Chartboost, ClicksMob, Criteo, crobo, Glispa, IronSource, Jampp, Remerge, Startapp, Tapjoy, and Vungle.

And the goal couldn’t possibly be a more laudable one in the mobile space.

The objective in question is to fight ad fraud, now a billion-dollar issue plaguing the majority of publishers in the mobile industry.

“We believe the only way to fight performance ad fraud is by creating a transparent environment for mobile ad networks and advertisers alike,” said Christian Henschel, the CEO of Adjust. “Fighting ad fraud requires a continued investment into technology, and the willingness of partners to align and collaborate. This is why we’ve engaged the leading global ad networks for this alliance on a key issue affecting us all.”

So what’s on the docket? For starters, some global standards for fraud detection and prevention, which will then be employed by its members for client brands and digital agencies.

“Each company in the partnership is dedicating resources or technology for fighting against mobile ad fraud,” explained Henschel. “Any suspicious activity detected by Adjust’s filters will be reported to the ad networks through the available APIs, excluded from billing and as such from analytics. The APIs made available by Adjust to networks will provide all of the requisite data for ad networks to filter, exclude, and eliminate traffic that results in rejected attributions.”

More details about this effort against mobile ad fraud are available on the official Adjust website.

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