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Adelphic Teams Up with TripleLift to Offer Self-Serve Native Advertising ContentThe search for native content has just become easier.

Word has reached MAW that Adelphic, a leading mobile and cross-channel demand side platform (DSP), has teamed up with TripleLift to provide ad buyers a bounty of native inventory sources across all display channels.

TripleLift is the largest programmatic native technology company in the U.S.

“Buyers will be able to leverage Adelphic’s leading targeting, optimization, and cross-channel capabilities to serve native image, video, and cinemagraph based ads in a fully self-serve workflow,” according to a company statement obtained by MAW.

The partner firms are riding the crest of what has become a wave of demand for native content.

“Within the next five years, native advertisements will comprise nearly three-quarters of all display ad revenue in the U.S., driven in large part by innovations in programmatic technologies that make the format more scalable,” Adelphic says. “Native delivers a better experience for consumers, which can drive marketers’ ROI.”

TripleLift data indicates that advertisers enjoy as much as a 100 percent increase in their click-through-rate (CTR), three-times higher brand awareness, and 250 percent higher engagement when using native as opposed to traditional display formats.

“Native has become a rapidly growing advertising strategy, particularly in mobile, where its success has been proven to drive increased consumer engagement,” said Katie Glass, Head of Programmatic Partnerships at TripleLift. “As a mobile-first DSP with cross-channel technology, Adelphic provides ad buyers a unique opportunity to leverage that increased engagement wherever audiences are consuming content.”

Best of all, we’re told that TripleLift serves non-intrusive ads within the flow of content, which mitigates against “accidental clicks.”

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