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The parent company of Adblock Plus — eyeo — just released news about the first members of the Acceptable Ads Committee (AAC), an independent group which will take over control of its Acceptable Ads program.

“The Acceptable Ads program began in 2011, when Adblock Plus started letting users block most ads, but permitting ads that met criteria for acceptability – so long as the user chose to participate,” reads the official word announced this week. “The AAC will take full authority over these criteria and the compromise between users who want to block intrusive ads and publishers who rely on advertising revenues.”

Of note is that — for the first time ever — an ordinary user will have a seat at the table as one of the 11 committee members representing consumers’ demands of the online advertising industry. Recruiting for that member began March 15.

Now AAC will manage the Acceptable Ads criteria and the rules for whitelisting that Adblock Plus, AdBlock, Adblock Browser, and Crystal. The rules offer users the option of blocking unwanted ads, but allowing more respectful ones at the request of users who choose to view ads.

Currently selected committee members can be seen here.

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