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Ad Blocking Remains on Back Radar for Most PublishersWhat are digital publishers and app developers mostly concerned with these days? According to recent research, most industry folks are worried about viewability, attribution, and measurement — at least in 2016. Surveys show that 69 percent are extremely or very worried about these areas.

While mobile consumption and ad blocking are still worries, they aren’t front and center in the minds of publishers.

Some of the research comes from advertising software company Mixpo, which surveyed more than 205 U.S. digital advertising professionals employed by publishers.

“According to the data, both viewability, and attribution and measurement in digital advertising were areas of high burden for respondents,” reports eMarketer. “In contrast, the rise of social media and the lack of quality display inventory were circumstances that were least worrisome. More than 20 percent of practitioners at publishing companies said they were not concerned at all with these areas.”

So far, ad blocking is a background worry, but it’s not ringing any big alarm bells.

“Also of concern to fewer than half of respondents was ad blocking—perhaps a surprise considering research suggests it is on the rise,” notes eMarketer. “But a relatively reasonable 46 percent of publishers were extremely or very concerned with ad blocking. One in three thought it was an area of only moderate concern.”

Ad blocking could be a bigger concern soon. Not only does eMarketer expect ad blocking to grow by double-digit rates this year in the U.S., there is ample evidence that more and more Americans use ad blockers due to privacy concerns rather than any great distaste for advertising.

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