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An app experience without downloading an app? Looks like that day has arrived.

MAW has learned that 1APP, a company providing instant access to mobile apps without any download or install, has launched “InstantScan.” Instant Scan allows brands and developers to provide a full app experience via a simple scan of a QR code — without the need for a consumer to agree to a download.

“The newest distribution option in 1APP’s OneOS cloud-based mobile operating system, InstantScan exposes apps to new users giving them frictionless, on-demand mobile content, in context, when it is most relevant to them,” according to the company. “There is no change needed to the original mobile app to enable this instant experience on OneOS.”

How does it work? InstantScan allows customers visiting a physical store to take a picture of a QR code through Snapchat and instantly run a fully-functional mobile app without a download or install. Most U.S. consumers now have access to a QR code reader, opening the option to experience apps instantly via Snapchat.

A recent trial at local Starbucks stores was a success.

“Customers were offered the opportunity to use the Starbucks app instantly by taking a picture of a QR code through Snapchat,” reports PRN. “Twenty-seven percent of people who walked into the stores experienced the Starbucks app instantly for the first time without having to install it on their phones. Overall, 60 percent of store visitors with Snapchat chose to try out the Starbucks app through InstantScan.”

“Imagine what it could do for brick-and-mortar retailers that struggle to find new mobile users who generally have little incentive to give retail apps any real estate on their phones,” noted 1APP CEO and co-founder Raheel Hasan.

In addition to featuring promotional content, such as coupons and sales, InstantScan will also allow retailers to merge offline and online inventory, allowing consumers to access both online and offline inventory simultaneously.

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