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Could 1APP’s Cloud-Based Mobile OS Give Users Instant App Access Without Download?The march of user-friendly technology rages on — now with something new from a company called 1APP.

The firm has announced the general availability of “OneOS,” the first cloud-based mobile operating system that enables instant access to native mobile apps without the need to download.

“By rendering an app as a simple weblink, apps can be instantly accessed, embedded, or shared inside any web-connected environment,” reads a formal media announcement provided to MAW. “Existing apps can be uploaded to the 1APP cloud in a process that takes just a few minutes and makes these apps instantly available on any platform including iOS, Android, Windows, and more.”

And that’s not all. Not only is it designed to give instant access to apps, the 1APP solution allows apps “to be discovered and used in the natural course of a user’s mobile activity” — for instance, being delivered and launched inside messaging and social apps or listed in search results.

“We built 1APP to help companies attract more users profitably by opening up new discovery and distribution channels,” said Raheel Hasan, the co-founder and current CEO of 1APP.  “By deploying apps through OneOS, apps become instantly accessible leading to higher consumption and engagement with audiences. For most apps this may be the only way they will ever get used.”

“The last ten years have seen tremendous advancements in mobile hardware as well as the breadth and the number of available apps, but how people get and use apps has not seen any innovation. It is still the same old process, you have to go to the store, find the app, decide if it is worth installing and then download it. While the rest of the mobile ecosystem has progressed, the outdated app store paradigm is creating a tremendous amount of friction, thereby limiting app usage and holding back developers and consumers alike. That’s why we created OneOS.”

What does it mean in practice? That any mobile app — whether messaging, social network, music streaming service, or other — can now embed other relevant apps as a natural part of their users’ interaction.

“Embedding apps that sell concert tickets inside streaming music apps (is one example), notes the company. “This enables consumers to engage with more content, make transactions, and access and act upon related services. By moving apps to the cloud, 1APP can take over app features and functionalities including payments, notification and social graph, and migrate these elements towards alternative providers.”

In addition, 1APP claims the OneOS approach to apps provides better security, no exposure to malware, and no use of device hard drive storage.

“It’s no surprise that China’s biggest messaging app WeChat has seen such great success with their app-within-an-app model,” added Hasan. “It’s become a destination for consumers to connect, engage and transact not only with each other, but with products and services as well. Through 1APP, we are enabling any developer or platform with a mobile audience to launch a WeChat-like ecosystem immediately.”

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