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Partnerships Forged to Track Real-Time TV AdsA new partnership between WideOrbit, Inc. and 4C could help advertisers leverage social media engagement and affinity data and other data sets to identify the best placements for brands on broadcast TV and cable network inventory available through WideOrbit’s WO Programmatic TV marketplace.

WideOrbit is a leading provider of advertising management software for media companies. Its new teammate 4C is a global leader in data science and media technology.

“Now advertisers will be able to use insights from social media activity for enhancing audience targeting in programmatic TV buying,” a provided statement emailed to MAW reads.

The latest research indicates that TV and social media are mutual accelerants for driving brand value when employed to produce profitable synergies.

“Integrating 4C’s analytics with WideOrbit’s programmatic marketplace delivers a quantum leap in TV audience targeting by introducing insights from social media to the buying process,” said Ian Ferreira, the EVP for Programmatic at WideOrbit. “Collaborating with 4C is compelling because we can offer buyers the ability to build media plans that combine the high engagement of social media with the reach and impact of television.”

The collaboration should produce dividends. A recent study from Millward Brown commissioned by Facebook revealed that 71 percent of people visit social media while watching TV. And new research by Turner/4C indicates that TV advertising drives 1 out of every 5 social media brand engagements.

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