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At the end of the week, comScore announced significant milestones in the advancement of its holistic multi-platform advertising measurement offering called validated Campaign Essentials (vCE).

Enhancements include sophisticated fraud protection, new industry accreditations, expanded global reporting as well as reporting for Facebook, Instagram, and the Facebook Partner Network, and a dramatically improved user experience.

The vCE enhancements are designed to address a growing industry need: transparency in the digital advertising ecosystem. vCE will provide advertisers more assurance that their campaign investments are reaching target audiences.

“The message was clear at the recent IAB Annual Leadership Forum: leading advertisers will increasingly require trusted third-party campaign verification,” said Dan Hess, executive vice president of products at comScore. “Having pioneered this market, we’re delighted to share our continued progress in MRC accreditation, reporting coverage, fraud detection, mobile measurement and usability – reinforcing vCE’s position as a leading, comprehensive industry solution.”

According to comScore, “vCE provides advertisers with comprehensive campaign and audience validation metrics – such as in-target demographic delivery, validated GRPs, viewability, invalid traffic (IVT) and brand safety – for display and video campaigns across desktop and mobile platforms.”

Another enhancement by comScore is improvement of the vCE user experience via development of a new reporting interface.

“This new UI makes it easier for clients to track and optimize campaigns in-flight by quickly surfacing the most important metrics across publishers, placements, and strategies,” the company noted. “It also allows users to easily use vCE norms to compare campaign performance to industry benchmarks. comScore expects to make the new interface available to clients by early second quarter.”

More details are available at comScore’s Third-Party Accreditation, Certification, and Review Page here.

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