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gamify-marketing-with-rewardsDeepMarkit just announced its new “FetchBot Social” offering. DeepMarkit’s new platform, it is designed to include casual and social games in HTML5 to messaging apps, social media platforms, and other online environments.

“Uniquely different from those available within apps in the Android and iOS App Stores, FetchBot Social games load in just 5-10 seconds with no need to install anything,” according to the DeepMarkit team.

How does this work? Basically, it allows people to challenge friends to compete in score-based games (with constantly updated leaderboards) via messaging apps, social media, or a website.

A major advantage: FetchBot Social games leverage HTML5 technology so they can be distributed and played on any device and on any of the popular social media sites.

“FetchBot Social is not just a source of games for Facebook Messenger,” stated Darold H. Parken, the CEO of DeepMarkit. “We are empowering any business or social community to capitalize on the popularity of shareable instant games and, more importantly, we are providing the means to actually monetize gameplay through branding, sponsorship, product placement, messaging, prizes, and incentives. FetchBot Social is a very exciting new initiative for DeepMarkit because it opens up huge new audience for the gaming expertise and the ability to monetize social games which our team can deliver.”

DeepMarkit’s new offering takes advantage of the fact that instant messaging is the new communication medium. In fact, more than 2.5 billion people regularly use at least one messaging app; one billion of them routinely use Facebook Messenger.

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