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dominoToronto-based mobile tech company dub dub has just launched a new application called “dubcandy.” An addition to the company’s portfolio of video tools, dubcandy is the first mobile application to truly empower any influencer to create shoppable videos and earn revenue directly from them.

“dubcandy’s release follows the debut of dubsuite, formerly known as dubdub, in July 2016 and the launch of dubloft training facilities in Toronto and New York. Dubsuite has garnered 120,000 downloads across 141 countries,” according to a company announcement out of Toronto.

“dubcandy is turning the influencer market on its head,” says Zbigniew Barwicz, the president and CEO of dubdub. “Historically, brands paid influencers to generate awareness but were unable to attribute direct sales from their efforts. Influencers would wait for a brand to approach them, typically based on the size of their following. Now, brands have more transparency on which content and influencers moved the dial. And, any influencer will have the opportunity to generate income without waiting for a brand to approach them. This is a significant disruption and one we felt was overdue.”

Authentic, user-generated content is expected to have strong growth, particularly as advertising legislation and ad-blocking tech inhibit traditional advertising channels.

What was previously missing, however, has been introduced: the tools to create and monetize video content right in the mobile device.

“Our products genuinely democratize content creation and monetization, giving the influencer real independence to not only create, but also earn revenue from their video content,” said Hilton Barbour, dubdub’s CMO. “For forward-thinking brands, they can unlock a distributed and independent group of creators who are able to not only create content but also drive direct sales for the brand.”

dubcandy is now available as a free download at the Apple App Store and via Google Play.

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