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Native Mobile Ads Wait 'Til They Get a Load of MeThis morning, the headlines from eMarketer screamed that which we already know – most digital ad growth now belongs to mobile.

But what the latest top story and corresponding industry data form eMarketer doesn’t acknowledge is that a major, game-changing component is entering the mobile ad area now that could dramatically alter mobile advertising’s growth and general trajectory next year.

According to the report in question, eMarketer expects U.S. mobile advertising spending to reach $9.60 billion by the end of this year, which is up 120.0% from $4.36 billion from 2012.

In 2014, mobile ad spending is projected to grow another 56% to $14.97 billion.

“By 2016,” eMarketer estimates, “spending on mobile will rival desktop spending, and in 2017 it will blow past, posting $35.62 in ad spending compared to the desktop’s $27.21 billion.”

But when you look across the advertising landscape today, there is no hotter phenomenon on the scene than native advertising. And its burgeoning presence in mobile is undeniable.

From Twitter to Airpush, some of the most powerful and prosperous companies across the social media and mobile advertising ecosystems are putting ample resources into native mobile ads, which could define mobile advertising in 2014.

“You can almost picture that scene from the original Batman,” says Mark Riley, an independent advertising consultant from Chicago, Illinois. “I can also picture the early adopters of native advertising saying the same thing: ‘Wait ’til they get a load of me.'”

According to Riley, few marketing, retail, and tech industry analysts fully comprehend today just how groundbreaking the arrival of native ads on mobile will be for the modern mobile advertising world.

“For the companies that get it right [native mobile advertising], the payday will be immense,” he says, “both for the provider of the ads and the consumer who may finally have something to gain or something to learn from an ad on their smartphone or tablet.”

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