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Last week at Mobile World Congress (MWC), Cedato showcased a hybrid solution for video header bidding, combining both client-side and server-side advantages.

Cedato, a leading provider of an operating system for powering video transactions, debuted its SaaS based operating system for video which significantly lifts supply, produces higher fill rates, and minimizes latency. The system additionally reduces the risk of video ad delivery failure and playback errors common with alternate solutions.

“With an enhanced offering for publishers, Cedato enables to streamline the inherent complexities of modern programmatic video, making it simpler to run and optimize video on any screen and content,” the Cedato crew told us.

Cedato’s solution is designed to address the growing appetite for programmatic video. Cedato’s hybrid approach to video header bidding diminishes the common pain points in server-side header bidding and client-side header bidding.

Cedato currently helps publishers, marketers and ad platforms worldwide to power over 15 billion video views per month across 2 million sites.

“The advertising industry has been forced to make due with programmatic header bidding technologies intended specifically for display for far too long” said Ron Dick, the founder and CEO of Cedato and a video ad-tech veteran. “Yet the complexities and high fees commanded by programmatic video highlight the need for a video-specific technology.”

“With our hybrid approach to video header bidding, we are able to provide a more efficient solution that incorporates the advantages of both the client and server-sides, without the shortcomings that the industry has been struggling to mitigate,” Dick added.

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