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MWC 2017: Appnext Debuts Appnext Timeline TechWell known mobile discovery platform Appnext is launching “Appnext Timeline,” billed as “the next-gen user intelligence technology.”

According to a company announcement emailed to MAW, Appnext Timeline was designed to “challenge the industry status quo, altering the interruptive ad-tech narrative by focusing on real-life user context, relevance, and engagement as opposed to profiles and ad views.”

This Appnext tech will leverage location, and both real-time and historical behavioral patterns for user targeting, including predicting action(s) a consumer is likely to take next.

Interestingly, the new technology recognizes more than 100 device signals, amalgamating them into personalized user timelines able to pinpoint location (e.g. home, work, abroad), as well as many real-time contextual moments the user is experiencing.

This builds on the substantial progress marketers and tech professionals have made in intelligence capabilities for campaigns.

“The mobile industry as we know it hasn’t stopped evolving. Phones have become smarter, apps better, but overall mobile experience has not,” said Elad Natanson, the founder and CEO of Appnext. “We bring Appnext Timeline to bridge the gap, enabling mobile publishers, app marketers, and users alike to step into the new era, powered by real-life context, relevance, ads that provide value, and serve the users and their real-time needs.”

Appnext is showcasing the technology this week at the 2017 Mobile World Congress.

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