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Mobile location marketing firm Mobiquity Networks has teamed up with adsquare to provide Mobiquity Networks data on the adsquare networks.

The partnership will provide Mobiquity Networks mobile audiences to customers of adsquare’s Audience Management Platform.

“Mobiquity Networks provides precise, unique, at-scale mobile location data and insights on consumer’s real-world behavior and trends for use in marketing and research,” reads a media release provided to MAW. “As a provider of at-scale, first-party, deterministic mobile location data; Mobiquity Networks provides the deepest understanding of a brand’s mobile audience.”

The idea is to further expand the data — and adsquare, a neutral mobile data exchange, enriches publishers’ inventory with rich audience data, derived by analyzing user’s local context and mobile behavior.

“The company works with a wide selection of quality mobile, online and offline data partners to provide the best holistic audiences available in the market. Buy-side partners, like adsquare client GroupM, can log into adsquare’s self-service Audience Management Platform, model their custom audience segments, and activate it on their preferred DSP,” according to the release.

Bottom line, this partnership should serve clients with better, richer data, according to Dean Julia, the CEO of Mobiquity Networks.

“We look for data marketplace partners that provide real value and transparency to their advertising clients,” said Julia. “We see this as an excellent revenue opportunity. adsquare’s platform, specifically the ability to allow advertising clients to easily explore vast amount of targeting data with full transparency is what attracted us to adsquare as a data partner.”

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