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Breaking Bad Malware Style Chinese Ad Firm Uses Fraud to Garner ClicksA new report — the “State of PPC” — has been released by Hanapin Marketing.

This annual survey of the pay per click (PPC) advertising industry looks “under the hood of advertising’s fastest-growing industry and find out what makes it tick, year by year.”

The latest survey features data from the hundreds of marketing professionals — both influencers and decision makers from a variety of brands and digital marketing agencies — who completed the survey.

Hanapin’s report includes information on:

  • Proven ad channels — Text Ads, Mobile, and Remarketing continue to gain steam, with Social Advertising, particularly in Facebook, trailing closely behind
  • Programmatic, which the firm suggests is not proving to be a popular choice for advertisers, nor a very effective channel for those using it.
  • CPCs that have remained much the same, but do indicate an increase in conversions, for which social advertising remains a popular choice for advertisers.

Want to know more? Download the report here.

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