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infographic-dci-offers-strategies-for-growing-loyal-app-user-baseA new infographic from Dot Com Infoway (DCI), a global design and mobile app marketing firm, is helping publishers understand more about the critical importance of planned app user acquisition.

It’s a cluttered app world out there — and being discovered, let alone used and retained — is essential.

“While apps have become an integral part of the lives of most users, a successful app is largely dependent on loyal users not only for revenue but even for marketing — as 92 percent of users believe recommendations from family and friends over all other forms of marketing,” notes DCI in its infographic called “Effective Tactics to Grow Loyal Users for Your App [Organic & Paid User Acquisition].”

Bottom line: User acquisition may be driven through many methods including referrals, paid campaigns, and organic searches, but not every method will work for every app.

“What developers and owners need to understand and apply are the most effective techniques suited to the results they want to drive, the cornerstone of designing a successful user acquisition strategy,” according to DCI.

Check out the infographic below:


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