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Frost & Sullivan Report Draws Attention to Runaway Growth of Young Mobile Advertising MarketThroughout much of the last year, we’ve served up no shortage of reporting on the major growth markets for mobile advertising in Asia, Europe, and across much of Africa. But according to the latest report from Frost & Sullivan, there’s another fast-growing marketing for digital and mobile advertising that can’t be ignored — Australia.

Expenditure on online general advertising in Australia is predicted to more than double (from $1.15 billion to $2.42 billion) by 2018, the report summary shared with NativeMobile reads.

Frost & Sullivan‘s new report, Australian Online General and Mobile Advertising Market 2014, illustrates that online video continues to be the fastest growing type of online general advertising inventory, with a growth rate of 60%  over the past year. Furthermore, it now accounts for 17% of overall online general advertising expenditure.

And what about native advertising? Australia is a growth market for native ads, too.

“Sponsorships, integrated site content and in particular native advertising grew as online publishers increased their range of offerings,” says Phil Harpur, a Senior Research Manager with the firm in Australia and New Zealand. “Also the affiliate online advertising market continues to grow strongly, especially in the online retail, finance and travel segments.”

Social media is a big winner down under as well. Researchers find that the ROI that advertisers are receiving from social media advertising is growing steadily. “72% of Australian organizations that have advertised on social media  channels in the previous year report a positive ROI, compared to 63% in 2013,” the report reveals.

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