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The Cat's Meow Swheat Scoop Partners With Hipcricket and broadhead to Litter Mobile Phones with AdsWe don’t want to bury this story. It’s the cat’s meow!

We’ve just learned that Hipcricket, Inc., a leader in mobile engagement and analytics, and broadhead, a full-service marketing communications agency, has launched a new mobile advertising campaign for Swheat Scoop, a subsidiary of Pet Care Systems.

The interesting thing is the emphasis on mobile as a means to deliver a highly targeted and engaging campaign for the pet company’s eco-friendly, sustainable cat litter.

“Our goal was to drive brand awareness and increase visibility of our new product line and to engage those interested in Swheat Scoop in the most effective way possible,” said Alyssa Hammerschmidt, marketing manager at Swheat Scoop. “Hipcricket’s end-to-end mobile marketing and advertising technology coupled with broadhead’s creative design resulted in an unparalleled digital marketing and advertising strategy that aligned with our campaign initiatives.”

Hipcricket specifically targeted the campaign to female cat owners between the ages of 35 and 54 with “environmentally conscious” attitudes. The campaign runs on both smartphones and tablets. Interested consumers who clicked on the Swheat Scoop banner were then directed to Swheat Scoop’s website where they could access more details about the clay-free, chemical-free cat litter.

“Swheat Scoop, which has a unique wheat-based, chemical free cat litter, sought a creative way to engage its environmentally conscious audience,” said April Hollander, associate media director at broadhead. “By coupling Hipcricket’s mobile engagement solutions with our retail marketing experience, we were confident we could deliver a unique and powerful mobile advertising experience to engage consumers and increase brand awareness for Swheat Scoop’s new product offerings.”

Looks like these companies did more than scratch the surface.

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