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Beware of Videos from Your Friends on FacebookApparently, the first warning didn’t get your attention. So here comes another.

It was recently reported by Bitdefender that over 100,000 Facebook users have been the victims of malware in the last couple of weeks.

All told, it’s just another reason to always be wary of any videos, links or messages that you might receive on the social media giant’s platform.

But the late January warning hasn’t done much, it seems, to make users more cautious with their clicks.

If you think that you’re simply too sophisticated of a social media user to fall for such ploys, you may want to think again. The malware campaign itself is actually quite sophisticated. It’s affected consumers who have clicked on video links not only on their smartphones but also on PlayStation consoles, TV sets and even smart cars.

Once clicked, the Facebook user is delivered a two-part scam that includes placing a generic “backdoor” on their device that lets the cyber criminal install any type of additional software on their system that they want to, and also a “propagation script” that then posts the same malicious video link to the user’s timeline and tags up to 20 of their “friends”.

Making it even harder for Facebook users to realize that they’re being scammed, authentic looking “warnings” and other pop-ups appear on their devices, adding an air of legitimacy to the whole thing.

The best way to protect yourself from this scam, and the hundreds of others that are foisted on the public every year, is of course to install anti-malware software on any device that you own. Also, if you’re asked to update your computer in order to watch a video, remember that Flash updates should always be downloaded on the Adobe website directly (No, not the TV show, the operating program.)

One last suggestion is something you should’ve done already; adjust your Facebook privacy settings. Let’s face it, a friend can be two-faced but, on Facebook, they sometimes can be much worse.

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